INVISIO V60 Gen II ADP: A new ultimate warfighter hub and PTT

In today’s modern battlefield, soldiers must have dependable communication systems that ensure their safety and success. INVISIO, a Swedish company specializing in mission-critical communication solutions, recently unveiled its latest creation – the

Army Gear Tactical Flashlight

Army Gear Tactical Flashlight is a good emergency kit. It is vital for the survival of you and your family. For many people, the question isn’t if an emergency will happen, but

What is CAT Tourniquet and how to use it properly?

A CAT tourniquet is a revolutionary tool for modern military soldiers intended to stop arm or leg blood flow due to injury on the battlefield. CAT (Combat Applications Tourniquet, C-A-T) Tourniquet effectiveness

LION Tactical Rescue Stretchers

LION Tactical Rescue Stretchers is a lightweight casualty extraction solution for military and law enforcement. There are two different patents, TRS-2, and TRS-3. The difference between these models is in extraction. TRS-2