Benelli M4: An improved version of its predecessor

Benelli M4 is a 12-gauge semi-automatic shotgun designed in the late 1990s by Benelli Armi SpA of Italy. Serial production began in 1999 and quickly became a successful and popular weapon. Benelli

Remington 11-87: A premier shotgun series

Introduced in 1987, the Remington 11-87 Premier Skeet is intended, as the name implies, for clay pigeon shooting. It has gained a good reputation in this field for its accuracy, handiness, and

Beretta 687 EELL: A top-of-the-line shotgun

The Beretta 680-series family of over-and-under guns is prolific, with choices of 12 or 20-gage, 28 or 30 inches (710 or 762 mm) barrels, and a variety of degrees of decoration and

Beretta A304: A semi-automatic shotgun

The Beretta A304 is a semi-automatic shotgun produced by Beretta. The Beretta family have been in the arms business since the 15th century, starting as barrel-makers and moving into making complete guns.

Bentley Model 30: A pump action 12 gauge shotgun

The Bentley is another trade name of the Philippine Company of Squires Bingham. The Bentley Model 30 is the basic term for three quite distinctly different models. The company has become widely