Gepard M3: A Destroyer Heavy Sniper Rifle

Gepard M3 Destroyer is an anti-material rifle chambered in 14.5 mm caliber and it is the most famous rifle in the Gepard family. It was designed by engineer Major Ferenc Földi in Hungary.

Barrett M90: A successor of legendary Barrett M82

Barrett M90 is a simpler weapon than the Barrett M82, a bolt-action magazine rifle. This change in mechanism has been accompanied by other modifications, resulting in a shorter and lighter weapon than

Barrett M82: A legendary Light Fifty

The Barrett M82 rifle was one of the first successful designs in an entirely new field that appeared in the 1980s. Generally referred to as a long-range sniping rifle, its purpose is

Barrett M99: Chris Kyle’s Favorite Fifty Cal

The Barrett M99 rifle was first introduced in 1999 and is the latest development of the Barrett Firearms Co. The Barrett M99 rifle is also dubbed as “Big Shot.” The Barrett company