Former Navy SEAL Joel Lambert in Discovery Channel’s ‘Lone Target’

The Manhunt - Discovery's channel tv show with Joel Lambert

Former Navy SEAL Joel Lambert is the star of the Discovery Channel’s Lone Target TV Show. The show is recognized as a most adult ‘hide and seek’ game ever assembled. The Lone Target is a rough adventure competition that pits 10-year Navy SEAL veteran Joel Lambert against elite military and law enforcement special operations forces tracking teams. The teams which are involved in the show also include the U.S. Army’s Phantom Recon unit, the Straz Graniczna border guard in Poland and many others. The South African International Anti-Poaching Foundation, the Philippines Army Scout Rangers, an elite anti-drug force from Panama, and also a National Police SWAT unit from South Korea also took part in the competition.

The game starts off when ex-Navy Joel Lambert is left into unfamiliar dangerous terrain with a basic survival kit and water. Through time, he uses various diversionary tactics and attempts to evade capture by each one of those elite forces for 48 hours. The show Lone Target was aired in 224 countries on Discovery Channel under the title Manhunt, since February 2014. So as you may imagine, there was a lot of national pride on the line for these teams who conduct a search.

Joel Lambert is a combat veteran of the United States Navy SEAL Teams, where, among many other things, he became EXPERT in basic and advanced SERE (Survival, Evasion, Resistance & Escape) skills, urban evasion, fieldcraft, tracking, counter-tracking, booby traps, and all the rest of the tricks and techniques he uses to evade capture on his Discovery Channel show titled LONE TARGET in the US and MANHUNT in the rest of the world.

The former Navy SEAL Joel Lambert became a specialist in blending into his environment from his years in service. He has become known as the men who survived a mission that sounded almost as harrowing. He battled out impossible odds when was entrapped by Taliban forces on a clandestine mission. This TV show in comparison to that seems like a piece of cake.

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