Age limit and requirements to enlist

Age limit and requirements to enlist
Very often, we receive questions regarding age limit and recruitment conditions within the French Foreign Legion dedicated to that subject. As it is published on official page of French Foreign Legion (also known as FFL), with regard to age limits, recruits (candidates) can be accepted from ages ranging from 17 (with parental consent) up to 40 years old.
Around the web, there are some rumors on forums related to the ex-veterans of FFL that they could accept recruits older than 40 years but that is unconfirmed information. Despite age limits, you need to fulfill some entry requirements to get permission to be tested for FFL enlistment:
  • you need to provide a valid ID (Identity document)
    • ID Card is fine for recruits (candidates) from the European Union (EU) only or valid Passport
    • PASSPORT for recruits (candidates) from all over the world
  • it is needed to have a birth certificate verified copy (translation into English or French languages prefered) while enlisting
    – it needs a confirmation of the certificate’s copy not older than 6 months from the moment of enlisting
    – you are allowed to enlist in the Legion without the certificate as well, however, the document will simplify your engagement and your waiting time for background check and all related paper work
  • you cannot apply if you are wanted by Interpol (NO murders, NO drug trafficking, or other criminal charges…)
  • you presume that you need to be physically fit to serve at all times and places all over the world for at least 5 years in unfriendly environments
  • you need to have BMI (Body Mass Index) between 20 and 30

After you fulfill these basic requirements, you will be granted to take entry tests of the French Foreign Legion which consists of three parts: Psycho-technical tests, sports tests and medical tests.

You don’t need to worry about your citizenship, race origin, religion, knowledge of the French language, educational background, qualifications, social status, professional status, marital status, family status, military or non-military background. In French Foreign Legion it just doesn’t matter.

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