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Take a look at 1989 Vintage FBI Surveillance Van



RDUCars TV has got a ton of requests to make a video on the 1989 FBI Surveillance van since they had purchased it on the government auction. It has went viral over the web via articles, Facebook, and over 100,000 views on eBay!

They have never expected to make this go viral in such numbers. Seems to me that everyone loves this brown Dodge Ram which is actually a surveillance van that was used quite a lot, even though it only has 23,000 miles! How cool!

According to the video, so many gadgets were found and it was just an adventure to get to try them all and see how everything works and we even found tapes and cd’s which showed FBI investigation clips from 2013 and earlier.

The Dodge B-Series is a full-size van that was built by Dodge. Starting in 1971 the B-Series was sold as the Dodge Ram Van; the passenger variant was known as the Dodge Ram Wagon and Plymouth Voyager.

DaimlerChrysler discontinued production of the Ram Van and Ram Wagon after more than 30 years of production following the 2004 model year, replacing them with the Dodge Sprinter. All Ram Vans and Wagons were built at the Pillette Road Truck Assembly plant in Windsor, Ontario, Canada, which has since been demolished.

The vehicle is up for auction right now on eBay.

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