The new U.S. Secret Service?

Secret Service SWAT team

The Pentagon officials will track all the countries across the globe which become economic and military superiority of the U.S. competitors. U.S. slowly changing its strategic focus from the Middle East to the long-term threats such as the economic rise of China and the nuclear threats from North Korea and Iran. U.S. Pentagon, and the Ministry of Defence, Defence is preparing to establish a secret service (Defense Clandestine Service, DCS), a new spy agency to monitor the long-term strategic threat to U.S. national interests on a global scale, especially by countries that significantly enhance the economic or military field such as China, Iran and North Korea, according to The Guardian.

That would be the number of U.S. secret service has risen to 17, which is the reason some critics predicting that another agency has brought more fighting over the territories of the existing secret services departments of Defense, Interior, Justice, and Energy, whose powers often overlap anyway .

US Secret Service members follows up President Obama

US Secret Service members at guard

The need for a new Intelligence agency explains that it is immediately an insufficient number of agents able to find all the places in the world where there are threats to U.S. interests.

– We have global coverage, said a senior defense official for the Los Angeles Times.

He even sought permission from Congress to the new DCS (Defense Clandestine Service) agent traveling abroad under the guise of a businessman.Agents would be recruited from the existing Pentagon’s Defense Intelligence Agency (Defense Intelligence Agency, DIA), and DCS worked closely with the National Clandestine Service (National Clandestine Service, NCS), its counterpart in the CIA (Central Intelligence).

Another reason for setting up this new service, says the Pentagon, DIA is the fact that most of their time and resources spent on tactical intelligence activities in war zones such as Afghanistan, and not enough time is spent analyzing the long-term strategic issues.

In general, the Obama administration has already announced that it plans to shift the focus of U.S. national security in the Middle East to the long-term strategic threats such as economic rise of China and the nuclear threats from North Korea and Iran. DCS to increase the focus on Africa, where an increasing number of Al Qaeda affiliates.

CIA headquarters in Langley, Virginia

Cooperation with the CIA would be significant after the CIA put an end to attempts by the Bush Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld to significantly strengthen the Pentagon’s spy powers. However, the current Minister of Defense Leon Panetta is a former director of the CIA, which in turn is currently headed by ex-military commander General David Petraeus, what are two reasons which might facilitate cooperation.

DCS (Defense Clandestine Service) would initially consist of several hundred agents, whose number in the next few years has grown to several hundred and it’s expected to grown further.

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