Luigi Franchi Model 610 Autoloader Shotgun

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Luigi Franchi Model 610 Autoloader

The Luigi Franchi Model 610 Autoloader shotgun is manufactured by Luigi Franchi Spa company. It is an old-established one weapons factory with a high reputation for shotguns in Europe and elsewhere.


The Luigi Franchi Model 610 is a gas-operated auto-loader for conventional pattern, the bolt is locked to the barrel extension until freed by the action of the gas piston concealed in the fore-end, along with the tubular magazine. The stock design features a flowing pistol grip which permits a rearward placement of the trigger hand, something which many shooters prefer, and the stock has rather less drop than is common. The finish is excellent, the stock and fore-end in nicely-figured walnut with a good hand checkering, and the aluminum receiver blacked and etched with a floral pattern.

Luigi Franchi Model 610 shotgun
Luigi Franchi Model 610 shotgun (Photo: XY)

The gun is well-balanced, allowing rapid movement when at the shoulder, and the recoil is, as usual with gas-operated weapons, damped down to an acceptable level. It delivers consistent patterns, and there is a choice of improved, modified or full choke available. For what you get, the Franchi is remarkably inexpensive, and with the company’s reputation for workmanship, we would expect it to deliver a flawless performance for many years. The Luigi Franchi Model 610 is an improvement on the earlier Luigi Franchi Model 500 and incorporates the Franchi “Variopress” system of gas regulation, which allows cartridges of varying power and length to be fixed without affecting the gas operation. A deluxe model, the Luigi Franchi 610 VS Luxxe is also available.

The Luigi Franchi 610 Preloader shotgun current market price is around $400 and you can find a used one for somewhat around $300. It is available in almost most gun stores who are selling hunting equipment.

Technical Specification

Manufacturer: Luigi Franchi SpA, Brescia, Italy
Type:  Gas-operated auto-loader
Gauge: 12
Barrel: 26, 28 or 30 in (660, 710 or 760 mm)
Weight: around 7 lbs (3.17 kg)
Magazine capacity: 5 rounds

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