Iraqi special forces preparing for duty

They train at least twice a week, how to shoot, how to work in a team? These American contractors are preparing to take up arms in the distant land against the Islamic State. Suleiman Yousef, a¬†martial arts pro and firearm instructor will go with his men to Phillipines, a country that you might not immediately associate with the world’s fastest growing terrorist’s group, but local extremists recently pledged allegiance to ISIS, like many extremists in Asia.

American mercenary groups have been training and preparing to join the fight against the Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) abroad, looking to push back the extremists where they say that the US government has failed.

These mans are not from the military, it’s private security mission with pure defensive goals, taking on the duty where they said their¬†government falling short.

When we ask them who sponsored their mission they only said they are paid overhead. Under the terms of their contracts they can bring a limited supply of weapons, and they pick up the rest upon arrival. But the weapons they do bring are not just any weapons.