Portuguese Army Special Operations Forces live fire drill

Portuguese Army Special Operations Forces have been participating in the NATO Assurance Measures in Lithuania

In this Video you can watch a live fire drill performed by the Portuguese Army Special Operations Forces while deployed to Lithuania in the NATO assurance measures. Live fire drills are one of the most important aspects of Special Operations as it allows them to grow strong skills and fighting mindset. It also improves the confidence between soldiers that will fight together in the harshest environments.
The assurance measures are a series of land, sea and air activities in, on and around the territory of NATO Allies in Central and Eastern Europe, designed to reinforce their defense, reassure their populations and deter potential aggression. These are a direct result of Russia’s aggressive actions in Ukraine. All 28 Allies are contributing to these measures on a rotational basis. The measures can be stepped up or reduced as necessary, depending on the security situation.
Since May 2014, NATO has increased the number of exercises it organises. Military exercises provide important opportunities to improve the ability of Allies and partners to work together and are a valuable demonstration of NATO’s readiness to respond to potential threats. These exercises take place on land, at sea and in the air with scenarios based on collective defense and crisis management.

Bryan is an American Citizen who is currently living in Portugal. He is a Doctor of Dental Surgery and an Advanced Tactical Paramedic, he is also the director of a Portuguese Online Tactical Magazine. With worldwide experience in some of the most dangerous countries of the XXI century, he frequently deploys in humanitarian missions or embedded with Portuguese Special Forces.

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