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Multimedia consists of various videos and galleries which include some stunning videos and images from daily life and sometimes take you to the journey in the past… Infantry, Air Force, special forces, Navy! Or Delta Force, SEAL Team 6, DEVGRU, Legionnaires and much more.

French Special Forces Exposed

Two years ago, France started a campaign to attract new recruits for its Commandement des Opérations Spéciales. Their campaign soon finds a way out to YouTube where it got some interest. According to a report by the London Daily Mail two years ago, the official promotional video is titled, “A very special video”. The video …

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SEAL Team is worth watching

There are plenty of movies and TV shows which is trying to relive some of the actions performed by U.S. Special Operations Forces, but one of the most sincere in the last few years is CBS’s SEAL Team. The TV shows work mostly because it’s not reaching beyond its comfort zone. Following a team of …

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SIX: Seal Team Six

Stemming from an idea by Harvey Weinstein, the drama is inspired by real missions, capturing SEALs’ complex personal lives and the life-and-death decisions they make, with each season set in a different location, starting with Africa. The SIX TV show follows US Navy SEAL Team Six, the best of the best, whose 2014 mission to …

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Hottest Weapon: Israeli Female Soldiers Show Off Their Sexy Side

If looks could kill Israeli military servicewomen could be at the forefront. Instagram account where the young camouflage-clad ladies demonstrate their beauty has already attracted tens of thousands of followers. Military service in Israel is mandatory both for men and women, men serve three years, while women serve two. These young women aren’t camera shy …

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