Naval Special Warfare Development Group – DEVGRU

Naval Special Warfare Development Group or DEVGRU for short, is the US Navy’s counter-terrorist unit. Where Delta Force handles landbased CT operation, DEVGRU handles CT operations at sea. DEVGROUP is to many better know as SEAL Team Six, which it was first call on its creation in 1980. ST6 conducted several operations throughout the 1980s. During the invasion of Grenada, ST6 took part in several missions. One of the missions was to rescue Governor Sir Paul Scoon, which they successfully did. They defended the governor’s mansion for nearly 24 hours, taking heavy fire from enemy forces. Only one SEAL was wounded during this operation.

During the 1980s ST6 grew a bad reputation within the Navy. The main reason for this was the unit’s founder Cdr. Richard Marcinko. His controversial running of the unit gave ST6 many enemies. This resulted in charges of conspiracy and bribery that let to Marcinko being sentenced to 2 years in prison. After Marcinko left ST6 the unit was renamed to DEVGRU.

There is a lot of secrecy surrounding DEVGRU, officially it’s responsible for the developing and testing of naval special warfare weapons, techniques and equipment.

DEVGRU’s mission is to provide intelligence and counter-terrorism services for the Dept of the Navy and the overall U.S. Special Operations Command, in addition to providing management for the development and testing of technologies under consideration for use by Naval Special Warfare forces such as SEALs. By these aformentioned responsibilities, it is obvious to say here that ST6 is the Maritime (Naval) equivalent of the Army’s elite Delta Force. In fact, both units train together from time to time as well as deploy together when the need arrises. The unit is currently based out of Dam Neck, Virginia and administrative control is under Naval Special Warfare Command.

They was responsible for catching Usama Bin Laden, most wanted terrrorist.

Based: Dam Neck, Virginia
Weapons: Whatever they want and need!

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