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Russian snipers set a new world record by hitting a target from an incredible 2.6 miles

RUSSIAN snipers claim to have hit a target placed an astonishing 2.6 miles away – smashing an incredible new world record.

Sharpshooters working for Lobaev Arms say they broke the record, which was previously set by a Canadian, from a seemingly impossible distance using skill and a highly accurate new weapon.

The previous record, reported as 2.1 miles, was held by an unnamed Joint Task Force 2 sniper who shot an ISIS terrorist in Iraq in May this year using a McMillan Tac-50 rifle.

Illustration (Photo: The Sun)

The new distance was set by Andrey Ryabinsky on a specially made Russian-produced SVLK-14 Twilight rifle.

The deadly gun is made of a reinforced sandwich of carbon fibre, Kevlar and fibreglass, and is specifically designed for use with powerful ammunition such as the Cheytac rounds.

Talented marksman Andrey Ryabinsky claims he trained for eight years in preparation for the single record-breaking shot

The rifle needs custom-made .40 Lobaev bullets, weighing only 27 grams, which can reportedly reach the one-foot target in about 13 seconds.

Sniper Ryabinsky revealed it took him eight years of preparation to make this one shot sand congratulated his team who helped him break the record.


He said: “We set a new world record in sniping for the range of the exact shot. I was the one making the shot.

“This is team work that requires the highest level of competence of every member.”

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