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ISIS Police Chief, Curators of Recruitment, Underground Cells Killed in Iraq

The moment of explosion

Three ISIS senior members were recognized among the bodies of terrorists killed west of Mosul on July 20, according to the statement of Iraqi militia.

Three senior members of the Daesh (IS, ISIS, ISIL) terrorist group were killed on Thursday near Iraq’s Mosul, Iraqi militia said Sunday.

“The militiamen managed to recognize the bodies of terrorists killed west of Mosul on July 20 during an attempt to sneak into the rearward of militia. These are Abu Iman, in charge of Islamic police, Abu Abd Zuaizeia, in charge of recruitment, and Naser al-Badrani in charge of activities of IS underground cells,” the statement of Iraqi militia read.

On July 9, Iraqi Prime Minster Haider Abadi declared the victory of the Iraqi forces in Mosul. The city was a key and symbolic stronghold of Daesh, which controlled the area since 2014. The operation to liberate the city was launched in October 2016.

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