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Russian military police deployed to preserve peace in Aleppo

Russian Military police in SyriaRussian military police during exercise

A Russian military police unit is deployed to the city of Aleppo to provide security. Aleppo, one of the largest cities in Syria which was fully freed from insurgents and other radical groups earlier this week will continue its transitions to a peaceful life, Russian lawmaker Sergei Gavrilov told RIA Novosti.

“Taking into account that there are no local authorities in Aleppo at the moment, military police battalions will play a major role during the transition period since they provide security and enforce the law. But they will also have an impact on the training of skilled local personnel,” the lawmaker explained.

The military police battalion, manned entirely by professional soldiers, was deployed to the embattled Syrian city on Friday from the Hmeymim air base used by Russian military for its Syrian campaign only hours after law enforcement officers were brought to the war-torn Arab country from Russia.

On Friday, Russian state television and RT broadcasted footage showing the Russian military police unit’s arrival to Hmeymim air base. The video shows the aircraft carrying personnel taxiing on the runway at dawn. It then cuts to Russian law enforcement officers armed with Kalashnikov rifles disembarking the plane. They are then seen getting into a vehicle and driving away.

The Russian Ministry of Defense didn’t reveal the number of deployed soldiers, but according to some sources, their number is estimated to 300-400. The Russian military police in Syria has been tasked with assisting local authorities with upholding law and order. The unit will also focus on providing security to employees at the Russian Center for a reconciliation of opposing sides in Syria, experts engaged in removing IEDs from freed areas, medics at mobile hospitals and humanitarian convoys.

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