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Russians beating up Syrian prisoner with sledgehammer

A Syrian man accused of being ISIS militant is laying on the ground, surrounded by apparent Russian-speaking troops. Then they start beating him with a sledgehammer. The prisoner manages to avoid getting crushed a few times, but eventually got him and it definitely hurts.

At several points in the footage, soldiers refer to the man as a member of ISIS, and they continually beat him. They have him surrounded on all sides, and at several points, they outstretch his hands and feet and pummel them with a sledgehammer.

Looking at the video, you can easily spot that the men conducting the torture are speaking Russian. It doesn’t mean automatically that these are regular Russian soldiers, despite the uniforms and equipment of the troops are actually in line with what we have seen members of the Russian Special Forces in Syria using in previous videos.

Also, there is this patch that is clearly seen in the video, which reads “I’ll just make you really, really hurt.”  Like in the Suicide Squad movie.

There are hundreds, even thousands of Russian mercenaries fighting on the side of Bashar al-Assad. The time and location of this incident cannot be confirmed, but according to the comments on the video and social networks, a possible location could be Palmyra.

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