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How Syrian Army Special Forces squeeze terrorists out of the city

Close range combat is one of the deadliest situations a soldier can encounter. In war-torn Syria, a significant part of the ongoing conflict has taken place in an urban environment, where victory depends on the ability to engage enemy units in block-to-block fighting.

The Syrian Army’s command has responded by developing a new array of military tactics which differ vastly from traditional ones, and by ordering the creation of elite fighting units which are equipped with the most advanced weapons.

Significantly, these special units have repeatedly played a crucial role in many operations conducted by Syria’s government troops.

A Syrian Arab Army officer told Sputnik Arabic that the assault units are armed with special lightweight weaponry that allows them to move quickly during street fighting, which in turn makes them highly maneuverable in urban conditions.

In addition, a number of new methods of fighting have been developed, including a sudden attack on the positions of militants, ambushes, night fighting and the construction of defensive points.

All these measures have proved to be highly effective during the assault forces’ armed clashes with terrorists.

These methods of fighting have played a decisive role in regaining control over the Syrian cities of Aleppo and Daraa as well as the Jobar and al-Qabun neighborhoods in the Syrian capital Damascus. It is worth recalling that Russian warplanes and other forms of air support have been crucial in assisting these troops, which also rely on aerial reconnaissance.

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