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US and Israel allegedly planned joint military operation in Syria

Photo showing a special forces ATV being loaded onto a Chinook helicopter (Photo: DoD)

The United States and Israel were jointly preparing a military operation in Syria but the plan was abandoned following reports about S-400 missile defense systems put on combat alert in the region, according to Syrian political adviser Suleiman al-Suleiman.

According to the adviser, the operation was planned to be carried on July 2-4.

“The operation was canceled after reports emerged that Russia’s S-400 missile defense systems and a missile attack warning system had been activated in Syria,” al-Suleiman said in an interview with Sputnik Arabic.

Moscow deployed the S-400 system to Syria after in November 2015 a Turkish jet downed a Russian Su-24 bomber on the Syrian-Turkish border.

In a recent interview with Sputnik Persian, Emad Abshenass, an Iranian political analyst and editor-in-chief of Iran Press newspaper, said that a US-Israeli “plan to divide Syria” was foiled due to Iran’s role in the conflict.

“Iran’s active engagement in Syria and Iraq has significantly helped the Syrian Army in the fight against Daesh. In fact, Iran’s involvement helped disturb the plan of the United States and Israel to divide Syria and Iraq. This is why Israel is looking for an excuse to justify its strikes on Syria’s territory,” Abshenass said.

In June, the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) launched several attacks on the positions of the Syrian Army and its allied forces.

Commenting on the incidents, Syrian military and strategic expert Maj. Gen. Yahia Suleiman suggested that Israel’s “aggression” was “part of a plan” on destabilizing Syria and weakening Damascus’ allies.


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