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USSOCOM strengthens presence in northern Syria

A senior representative of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) on condition of anonymity told Turkish news agency that the United States continues to actively strengthen its military presence in northern Syria.

“The US is setting up its military bases in the territories that were liberated from Daesh by our fighters during the fight against terrorism,” the source said.

He further said that earlier the US set up their bases in Kobani, Manbij, Hasakah, al-Shadadi and al-Hawl.

“Now they have set up a base in the region of the recently liberated Tabqa near the reservoir of the same name. This base will be actively used in autumn in the framework of the Raqqa operation and also in the Deir ez-Zor operation,” the source said.

As noted by the representative, the number of US military bases in Syria, taking into account the newly established base in Tabka, has increased to eight.  According to the source, in the future, the US intends to continue increasing its number of bases in the country.

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