Portuguese Army Paratroopers in NATO mission to Bosnia and Kosovo

On this Video you can watch some of Portuguese 2nd Para BN manouvers in Bosnia and Kosovo. The Portuguese where in command of NATO KFOR TACTICAL RESERVE MANOUVER BATTALION (KTM).

KTM can be deployed anywhere in the theatre of operations and perform any task or mission for an unlimited period of time, being completely independent. The Battalion capabilities includes a wide range of security operations, person designated with special status close security, property designated with special status security, road control, escorting columns, surveillance, reconnaissance, population aid and other infantry tasks. KTM is specifically trained in Crowd and Riot Control (CRC) Operations and provides CRC training to all KFOR units in particular for fire phobia.

After decades present in the Balcans, Portugal ended it´s military presence in Kosovo in the year of 2017. This video is dedicated to all the Portuguese who served in Balcans.


Bryan is an American Citizen who is currently living in Portugal. He is a Doctor of Dental Surgery and an Advanced Tactical Paramedic, he is also the director of a Portuguese Online Tactical Magazine. With worldwide experience in some of the most dangerous countries of the XXI century, he frequently deploys in humanitarian missions or embedded with Portuguese Special Forces.

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