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Russian Special Forces jumping out of Mi-35M helicopters

The Russian Air Force crews and the Special Forces units held a special tactical exercise with Mi-35M multi-purpose attack helicopters in Krasnodar Region.

During the joint drill, which was held at the Korenovsky air base, servicemen repelled the “attack” of a detachment of conditional terrorists.

A Mi-35M transport/attack helicopter during the special tactical exercise at the Korenovsky air base in Krasnodar Region.
Servicemen of the Southern Military District descended from the Mi-35M multi-purpose attack helicopters and destroyed conditional terrorists.

The main purpose of the exercise was to practice fire support of landing troops. During the exercise, servicemen used Intrigan, a unique multi-function optoelectronic surveillance complex.

The main purpose of the exercise was to practice fire support of landing troops.
The main purpose of the exercise was to practice fire support of landing troops.

The Intrigan complex, designed by Russian specialists, is able to track a variety of enemy targets at a distance of up to 12 km.

Russian soldiers in action

The complex is equipped with a thermal imaging camera, next-gen optics and a laser rangefinder. It is able to determine the type of military equipment the enemy has and the distance to it. In addition, the Special Forces units trained the evacuation of the wounded from the field and carried out fire from rifles and machine guns.

The Mi-35M (NATO Designation Hind-E)

The Mi-35M (NATO Designation Hind-E) was first revealed in 1999. It is a modernized version of the Russian Mil Mi-24 helicopter, fitted with upgraded advanced avionics and sensor package, including night vision systems, GLONASS/GPS navigation system, electronic multifunction displays, onboard computer and jam-proof communications equipment.

The main role of this helicopter is the destruction of armored vehicles, enemy troops, UAVs and other helicopters. It is also used for the delivery of troops and special cargo, evacuation of wounded. It can operate at night and in adverse weather conditions.

The pilot’s console of the Mi 35M transport/attack helicopter.

The Mi-35M helicopter and its derivatives are in service with Russia, Azerbaijan, Brazil, Iraq and Venezuela.

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