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SAS operators could be sacked after posting photos of their top-secret operations and training missions on Facebook

ELITE British SAS operators have enraged army bosses by posting photos of themselves on Facebook – and could even face the contract termination.

The soldiers – widely considered to be the best special forces unit in the world – are under strict orders not to reveal details of their dangerous covert operations. But an anonymous group of operators have posted pictures showing themselves kitted out for missions in Iraq and around the world.

One picture appears to show an elite soldier by the Victory Arch in Baghdad, Iraq (Photo: Facebook)

The ban, called the Group Policy, warns recruits they must not reveal details missions, weapons and equipment, tactics and training. But the Facebook page The Special Air Service, which has nearly 22,000 followers, is full of snaps of SAS soldiers in combat zones and wielding state-of-the-art weaponry.

The pictures show unidentified soldiers on training operations and missions (Photo: Facebook)

A former SAS source said the detailed information on the page can only have come from serving troops.

He told the Daily Star: “The images on this site are current and genuine. These are not mock pictures – they’re the real deal. Sometimes younger blokes want to see the profile of the regiment raised, but these guys have gone off-grid.”

He added: “The MoD (Ministry of Defence) have been looking at this and I predict it will be closed down.”

SAS soldiers are under strict orders to keep the elite unit’s activities a secret (Photo: Facebook)

The pictures feature the troops working with military dogs and show the silenced Colt Commando assault rifle SAS soldiers use. A spokesman for the MoD said:

We are aware of an incident involving soldiers sharing images online. We expect the highest standards of behaviour from our personnel at all times, whether on or off duty. If any action by service personnel are deemed to breach values and standards, they are treated very seriously and there are a number of sanctions available to the chain of command up to or including discharge.

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