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About 1,000 US soldiers, equipment arrive for deployment in Poland

The US troops will be stationed in Poland as part of Atlantic Resolve mission and will take part in the joint drills with European allies.

“Almost 1,000 of US troops are on our territory today. The first [batch of] equipment has also crossed the Polish border,” Misiewicz said, as quoted by the Polish Polsat TV channel.

According to Misiewicz, the ceremony to welcome the US troops will take place on January 14. The incoming tank brigade comprises some 4,000 service personnel, 87 tanks, 18 self-propelled Paladin howitzers, 144 Bradley fighting vehicles and hundreds of Humvees.

NATO has been building up its presence and defense capabilities in Eastern Europe, concentrating on the three the Baltic States and Poland, with each expected to receive additional battalions starting this year. In meantime, Russia has repeatedly warned that amassing troops and military equipment on or near its borders are provocative acts that can destabilize the region.

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