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Hiker finds missing US Army UAV 600 miles off course

A Colorado hiker discovered a US Army drone 600 miles away from where it was reported to have disappeared during a training flight in Arizona, and the military has no concept how it got there.

The $1.5-million drone was found lodged in a tree and missing a wing, according to officials at Fort Huachuca, which sits near Sierra Vista, Arizona. Serviceman at Huachuca lost track of the aircraft over a week earlier.

Military.com reports that the Army launched an unsuccessful search and recover investigation to locate the 450-pound Shadow drone, concluding that it must have crashed and splintered somewhere nearby.

Serviceman from Washington state’s Joint Base Lewis-McChord had traveled to Fort Huachuca to train with the drone, which has a 20-foot wingspan and can fly up to nine hours without refueling.

Andreas Berg
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