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Soldier Charged in Free-Fall Annihilation of US Army Humvees (VIDEO)



A US Army sergeant has been charged for his involvement in the remarkable destruction of three combat vehicles that plunged to Earth last year during a parachute drop in Germany, a service spokesperson said on Tuesday.

Maj. Juan Martinez, spokesman for the 173rd Airborne Brigade, said that Sgt. John Skipper of the 1st Battalion, 91st Cavalry Regiment was charged in May with destruction of government property and falsifying an official statement.

There is also a pending recommendation on whether to move with forward with a court martial following an Article 32 probable cause hearing. Stars and Stripes quoted Martinez saying in a statement,”Should this case progress, we will continue to release information consistent with Army policy.”

The charges seem to indicate a feeling amongst officials that an equipment malfunction is not to blame for the parachute harnesses detaching from the vehicles.

“There were multiple rehearsals and inspections of the equipment prior to mission execution,” Martinez wrote in an email to the Army Times during the investigation.

A video captured the incident, which took place on April 11, 2016 during the Saber Junction training exercise at Germany’s Hohenfels training area. The three Humvees, which can cost up to $220,000 each, slipped from their parachute harnesses while being dropped from C-130 Hercules transport aircraft along with weapons, communications equipment and 150 supply bundles.


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Five Hour Standoff Ends When Homeowner Climbs Up & Throws Suspect From Roof



A man, who was being pursued by police officers, took refuge on Wilford Burgess’s roof, evading police for nearly five hours and creating a standoff. Crisis negotiators arrived on the scene, trying to coax the man to come down. After several hours where authorities were unable to convince the man to leave the roof, Burgess decided to take action, with the entire incident caught on film.

The incident began at 6:34 am local time when law enforcement officials received a call some someone who said they were being followed. Once deputies arrived at the scene, a man was spotted jumping from one roof to the next, coming to a stop on top of Burgess’s home.

Wrenn said she was woken up at about 7:00 am local time when deputies began shouting: “We know where you are. We can see you.”

After being on Burgess’ roof for about an hour or so, Burgess said he felt it was time to try taking matters into his own hands. He decided to bring out a ladder and climb up there himself. “He’d been up there too long,” Burgess said. “I figured … if they can’t get him off, I can.”

Burgess’ grandaughter, Ashley Wrenn, captured the whole scene on video. She said she isn’t surprised her elderly grandfather did what he did.

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Missing Navy SEAL found alive and well



A man who was considered an at-risk missing person earlier this month has been located, according to the San Diego Police.

A citizen reportedly contacted authorities on Thursday to report that they knew Johnathan Surmont’s whereabouts.

The person said that Surmont was with them in the L.A. area during the time he was thought to be missing.

SDPD Missing Person Unit was able to confirm the information and are no longer attempting to locate the former Navy Seal.

He is no longer considered at-risk or missing.

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