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Why the US stashing military equipment in secret caves in Norway?

Strange movements of military gear in underground Norwegian caves to allegedly ward off Vladimir Putin have hoarded masses. The US military has already announced the deployment of a contingent of 300 Marines to the Scandinavian country that shares a 120-mile border with Russian Federation.

The announcement comes amid deteriorating relations between Moscow and the Washington over the former’s role supporting Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad in the country’s civil war.

Commander of US Marine Corps Forces Europe, Major General Niel E. Nelson, said: “We enjoy a very close relationship with the Norwegian Armed Forces and a limited rotational presence in Norway would certainly enhance this relationship and our ability to operate together.

“If approved by the Norwegian government, a Marine Corps presence in Norway will increase NATO’s ability to rapidly aggregate and employ forces in northern Europe.”

And the Daily Star reports the United States has already stashed enough weapons and ammo to arm at least 15,000 troops should fighting break out between Russia and NATO nations.

The cache is reported to be hidden in central Norway’s cave system, which was already used for similar purposes during the Cold War.

The US military is understood to be hoarding equipment in Norwegian storage centres in the event war breaks out with Russia
The US military is understood to be hoarding equipment in Norwegian storage centers in the event war breaks out with Russia

Colonel William Bentley added: “Any gear that is forward-deployed both reduces cost and speeds up our ability to support operations in crisis, so we’re able to fall in on gear that is ready-to-go and respond to whatever that crisis may be.”

Official Moscow continues to flex its military muscles in the Middle East and is currently testing NATO resolve in the North Sea. A flotilla of eight warships led by a 300 metre-long aircraft carrier is currently cruising towards the English Channel on its way to the Mediterranean Sea where they are headed in order to support Russian campaign in Syria.

The former head of the Royal Navy Admiral Lord West described the actions as “willy waving” by Russia.