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US Air Force mistakenly bombed Iraqi forces killing 90 Iraqi soldiers in Mosul

Iraqi Special Forces Humvee burning down in Mosul

A total of 90 Iraqi soldiers and staff were killed and over 100 wounded as a result of a direct airstrike on their position mistakenly conducted by the US Air Force in Mosul, a local news portal reported Saturday. Multiple sources in the Iraqi army confirmed the accident.

According to the Factiniraq, a local news portal, the powerful airstrike also destroyed Iraqi military hardware, and the remaining soldiers had to retreat from the scene.

The first reports of the accident which occurred on Friday revealed that airstrike targeted an Iraqi armored division. Among the destroyed equipment were eight infantry fighting vehicles and four Humvee military trucks. The Iraqi Army started operation to liberate Mosul on October 17. Mosul is the last stronghold of Islamic State in Iraq which was occupied by the Islamic State (IS, formerly known as ISIS/ISIL or Daesh) in June 2014. The huge-scale offensive is driven by Kurdish Peshmerga fighters and Iraqi soldiers backed by the US-led coalition.

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