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Attacker on Istanbul nightclub used advanced Special Forces tactics

Istanbul special police in front of Reina nightclub

Horrifying new details of the vicious attack on Istanbul nightclub have emerged. According to the sources among investigators, the techniques used by gunman can only be acquired by advanced, special forces style training. Reports suggest that attacker fired 180 bullets (or 6 full magazines for assault rifle) and that the killer missed his target with just 28 bullets.

The highly-trained attacker’s gun was loaded with special armour-piercing bullets, used to create the maximum number of casualties in the crowded Reina nightclub on New Year’s Eve, according to Turkish security sources widely reported in local media.

The attacker used flares to light up his targets before spraying them with a hail of bullets known for their tendency to ricochet as well as penetrate barriers, creating horrific destruction in a short amount of time, the sources said.

It comes as Turkey’s leading Hurriyet newspaper said the ISIS militant, who murdered 39 in the shooting rampage, is allegedly married with two children and that police have detained his family for questioning.

The suspect, who has still not been named, allegedly brought his wife and children to Konya in central Turkey in November 2016 to slip under the radar by posing as a family man, the Milliyet newspaper added.

Eyewitnesses said the attacker carried out his plan calmly and precisely, keeping his ground and picking off his victims in a systematic manner.

His magazines had been bound together to allow him to reload rapidly, and when both were empty, he dropped them on the floor. Six were used in total, the Vatan newspaper said.

The manhunt is still ongoing.

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