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Turkey detains 49 ISIS suspects in showcase operation ahead of Sunday vote



Turkish police have detained 49 alleged Daesh members who reportedly were planning a “sensational” terror attack ahead of Sunday’s referendum on governance model.

A total of 49 people have been detained in Turkey after a large-scale police operation, according a report by Turkey’s Anadolu news agency.
According to the report, simultaneous operations have been conducted in several districts of Istanbul. The police seized three handguns, two of them reportedly capable of only firing blanks, plus three cartridges, 16 rounds of ammunition, a radio, a machete, six electronic point-of-sale terminals, a large number of bank cards, military camouflage gear and around $341,000-worth in cash in three different currencies.

Forty-one of the 49 detained are reported to be foreigners.

The police says the detained suspects planned to conduct “sensational attacks” during the Sunday referendum on ammending the country’s constitution and system of government and “create chaos” in the country, according to the report by Gulf News.

More than 55 million Turkish citizens will vote Sunday on proposed constitutional amendments, including a major increase in the powers of the presidency, currently held by Recep Tayyip Erdogan, effectively turning the republic from parliamentary to presidential.

Earlier this month, the Daesh terror group called for attacks against the Turkish referendum in its Arabic and Turkish publications, claiming that voting is opposing God and branding voters of Muslim faith as “disbelievers,” according to the Arab News.

Ironically, the opponents of the referendum fear that a more powerful Erdogan will impose a heavier religious influence on Turkish life, and endanger the secular foundation laid by Mustafa Kemal Ataturk early in 20th century.


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Man injures several people with knife in Munich, a perpetrator still at large



An unidentified man attacked several people with a knife at the Rosennheimer Platz in Munchen, Germany. The perpetrator is on the run. According to local media reports, nobody was seriously injured in the attack.

The police asked residents to stay away from the scene.

“We are looking for the perpetrator with all available police forces,” the officials said. “Residents should not leave their houses.”

According to police data, ta perpetratoris a 40-year-old man last seen wearing gray pants and a green training jacket.

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Israel Will Never Allow Iran’s Bases in Syria



The Israeli Prime minister met with the Russian defense minister to discuss the situation in Syria, as well as the Iran nuclear deal in light of the US decision not to certify the agreement. Israel would not allow Iran’s permanent military presence in Syria, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has said during talks with Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu, adding that Tehran “must understand this.”

Commenting on the agenda of his meeting with Shoigu, the Israeli prime minister said that the talks were dedicated to “above all, Iran’s attempts to establish military bases in Syria.”

Netanyahu earlier stated Israel “will act to prevent Iran from establishing permanent military bases in Syria for its air, sea and ground forces.”
The Russian Defense Ministry is yet to comment on Israel’s concerns over Iran’s actions in Syria. Commeting on the negotiations, the Russian deputy defense minister has said that Shoigu and Netanyahu had “expressed confidence that the meetings held on the Israeli soil will give an additional impetus to the development of Russian-Israeli cooperation.”

Israel has been long opposing Iran’s and Lebanon-based Hezbollah’s presence in Syria. Iran has been providing support to the Syrian government in its fight against various terrorist groups, including Daesh, and acts alongside Russia and Turkey as one of the guarantor states of the ceasefire in Syria. Tehran has repeatedly refuted media reports claiming that its military had conducted independent operations in Syria.

During his September meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu accused Iran of building sites in Syria and Lebanon to produce missiles allegedly aiming to eradicate Israel. When asked to comment on the statement, the Russian foreign minister, Sergei Lavrov said that Moscow has “no information that someone is preparing an attack on Israel.”

Iran Nuclear Deal

The Israeli prime minister and the Russian defense minister have also discussed the US president’s decision not to certify the Iran nuclear deal. Netanyahu has reiterated Tel Aviv’s stance, warning of Iran potentially acquiring nuclear weapons if the deal isn’t changed. During his UNGA speech in September, Netanyahu has again addressed the threat Israel believes Iran poses to its security. According to him, the nuclear deal with Iran must be changed or canceled entirely.

US President Donald Trump has repeatedly voiced support for Israel’s stance on the nuclear agreement, calling it a “bad deal for Israel.”

On October 16, Trump suggested that Washington might unilaterally exit the agreement despite Rex Tillerson’s earlier comments, saying that the United States will try to negotiate the agreement, which is, according to him, in the best interests of his country.

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