Russian Army replacing Makarov pistol with Udav

Eric Sof

The next to replace the legendary Makarov pistol is Udav, a new pistol designed and manufactured at state company Rostec. According to the press release from the company, the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation plans to equip its troops with a new 9mm self-loading and silencer pistol. Makarov has been in service since 1951 and remains the Russian Army’s most commonly-used pistol.

The Udav pistol with a silencer is specially designed and manufactured at the Central Research Institute of Precision Engineering (CNIItochmash). According to the plans, the pistol will enter active service in Russian Army in 2023. A Udav pistol with a silencer will most likely replace the obsolete Makarov, according to the expert opinion of the Commander-in-Chief of the Russian Land Forces Oleg Salyukov in an interview he gave at the end of 2021 for a local newspaper.

Udav will be produced in 2 versions (6P72 and 6P72-1)
Udav will be produced in 2 versions (6P72 and 6P72-1) (Photo: VK)

The self-loading Udav pistol with a silencer has improvements. Rostec says one of the improvements is related to the bullets fired by the pistol. They will now have reduced speed and increased penetration.

Experts who have already fired the new self-loading Udav pistol say that it “fits” very well in hand and is perfectly suitable for people shooting with the left or right hand. The self-loading Udav pistol is 206 mm long and weighs 780 grams. The low weight, say Rostec, is due to modern polymeric materials. The Udav’s magazine is loading with 18 rounds, and it will have an ammo indicator, which will allow the shooter to control the consumption of ammunition.

The pistol is included in the “serpentine” line created in TsNIItochmash, including the Gyurza, Poloz, and Aspid models. Udav will be produced in 2 versions (6P72 and 6P72-1), one for regular units and one for Spetsnaz and recon service members with visible/IR laser device + suppressor and subsonic rounds.

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