atj lucko 350x250 - Special Reaction Group (SRG)

ATJ Lucko

Anti-Terrorist Unit Lučko (Croatian: Antiteroristička jedinica Lučko, ATJ Lučko) is an elite Anti-Terrorist Unit of the Croatian Police stationed in Lučko near Zagreb, the capital of Croatia. Like all police...

Special Intervention Unit SIU Kosovo 350x250 - Special Reaction Group (SRG)

Special Intervention Unit – SIU

The main counter-terrorism unit of Kosovo police first created as Special Unit in 2003. In the very beginning, it was organized as a standard SWAT unit with two teams of 15 police...

NI Sweden 350x250 - Special Reaction Group (SRG)

Nationella Insatsstyrkan – NI

Nationella Insatsstyrkan, NI is Swedish National Task Force formerly known as ONI (Ordningspolisens Nationella Insatsstyrka). Formed in 1991, the unit distinguished itself as Sweden's primary counter-terrorism unit, but despite they...

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