Grupo de Operações Especiais (GOE) Portugal doing tactical rope
GOE is a Portuguese special force unit, primarily formed for executing counter-terrorism tasks. Their job is to perform high-risk tasks. GOE stands... Read More
While the guards knees crammed under the weight of members of BBE, who crawled under lower windows of the regional... Read More
ROSU - intervention police from Kosovo
Kosovo is one of the youngest countries in the world which have gained independence from Serbia a few years ago.... Read More
K-Commando from Estonia boarding ship
K-Commando is a special commando unit from Estonia. They are particularly assigned to Estonian Criminal Police. The tasks and activities of K-Commando are similar... Read More
SFG 32 - ESR
Belgian ESR was first raised in 1961. ESR stands for Equioes Spécialisées de Reconnaissance – Specialised Reconnaissance Teams. They are... Read More