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U.S. Military DELTA FORCE 1st SFOD-D

Delta Force is the leading basic military counterterrorism unit of the United States acting on foreign soil. The unit was created by Colonel Charles Beckwith in 1977 on the model of the famous British SAS. Members of Delta Force are being used in the rescue of hostages and other counterterrorism operations requiring the highest quality professionals.

Delta Force Heroes: Gary I. Gordon and Randall D. Shughart 6

Gary Gordon and Randy Shughart, Medal of Honor receipients (1st SFOD-D)

The 1st Special Forces Operational Detachment-Delta (1st SFOD-D), reffered also as Delta Force, is a U.S. Army unit used for hostage rescue and counterterrorism, as well as direct action and reconnaissance against high-value targets. Dubbed as the primary counter-terrorism and hostage rescue military unit.

Delta Force is one of the most secret units, so its members for secrecy wear distinguishing markings on the combat uniforms.One of the most recognized United States unit for Special Operations is 1st Special Forces Operational Detachment – Delta (Airborne). They are also known as 1st SFOD-D, or shortly Delta Force. They are a U.S. Army component of Joint Special Operations Command. Delta Force was formerly listed as the Combat Applications Group (CAG) by the Department of Defense.

Their primary tasks including counter-terrorism, direct action, and national intervention operations, although it is an extremely versatile group capable of conducting many types of various clandestine missions, including, but not limited to, hostage rescues and raids.

The exact organization and training of Delta Force is also by obvious reasons kept as top secret. In addition to operational squadrons allegedly maintains intelligence unit, known as the “funny platoon”.

Members of Delta Force is based on various information sources, including other special operations forces. Delta Force is usually referred to by the U.S. government as “1st Special Operations Detachment” or “1st Combat Applications Group.” This unit is relatively  small (ie American standards), and usually estimated to about 800 members or less, and operates in a small number teams deep behind enemy lines.

Delta Force worked in virtually any major U.S. military operation. The CIA (Central Intelligence Agency) highly secretive Special Activities Division (SAD) and more specifically its elite Special Operations Group (SOG) often works with – and recruits – operators from Delta Force.

Delta Force tasks

  • Direct action;
  • Strategic research;
  • Unconventional fight;
  • The fight against terrorism;
  • Survey on the battlefield and rescue allies;
  • Fulfillment of specific requirements the U.S. government.


  • Creation: 1977


  • Fort Bragg, North Carolina, USA

There are many written books and movies about Delta Force. Besides, the US Navy SEALs they are one of most famous special operations forces in the US, and worldwide.

Active: 1977 – present
Country: United States
Type: Military / special operations, CQC
Role: counter-terrorism, direct action, raids, hostage rescue, clandestine missions, special operations
Estimated numbers (personnel): Classifed
Headquarters: Fort Bragg
Motto:  –

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