Special Antiterrorist Unit – SAJ of Republic Serbia

The most elite unit of police in Serbia is SAJ. SAJ is abbreviation for Specijalna Antiteroristicka Jedinica which means Special Antiterrorist Unit of Ministry of Affairs of Republic Serbia. SAJ is organized as special police unit, but some of trainings conducted gives them half military oriented unit. Their job is to perform high risk warrants, dangerous arrests, hostage rescue and arresting of barricaded suspects.

Unit is divided into three main teams designated as Team “A”, Team “B” and Team “C”. All of them conducting trainings on regular base plus special trainings regarding snipers, parachutist, dog trainers, door breachers and all other specialties’. To become a member of SAJ all candidates going through rigorous selection. Candidates need to be full fit, mentally and physically prepared, and to apply, they need to have four years of regular police experience. After regular tests, candidates which meet requirements are sent to SAJ headquarters to conduct drill. On drill, all candidates are pushed to the limits to check their motivation, fitness, power of will and all other capabilities required to become member of SAJ. From hundreds of candidates, only few become SAJ members and after that, they are need to spend two years like reserves and in that time, they are just spectators in SAJ actions.

SAJ weapons and equipment are in-date like in American and European SWAT teams. They are using automatic rifles, submachine guns, small side arms, shotguns, snipers and other special weapons and tools. All of these weapons coming from most popular firearms and weapons company like Heckler and Koch, Glock, Saiko, Beretta, Steyr… SAJ are using all types of uniforms for all weathers and terrains, from regular woodland patterns to black SWAT patterns. Most of that equipment also coming from domestic company Mile Dragic which proved to have high quality equipment. SAJ have large variety of vehicles including HUMVEE and few helicopters.

SAJ in his history performed many successful actions, and one of most notorious was their role in police action against organized crime called “Sablja” after assassination of prime minister Zoran Djindjic. They tried to arrest two main gang leaders of “Zemun gang”, and when they tried to attack police officers and pointed guns to special police operators, they were instantly killed on scene. This mission got great media attention in Serbia and in region.

The SAJ has great credibility in Balkan region among other special forces from other countries and they also performing exercises in cooperation with other units.


I'm the active duty law enforcement officer serving in SWAT unit. My hobby's are firearms, skiing, martial arts.

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