Special Units: Groups of elite soldiers or cold blood killers?

Most Elite Special Operation Units in the US Military, a TOP TEN

In today’s world, there is absolutely no country that does not have special units that are sent to the extremely dangerous and difficult situation! The special units are “graced” with a cool head in difficult and stressful situations. Difficult and stressful training definitely rank them among the best. The execution of diversion and sabotage behind enemy lines are their specialization. Special forces are powerful, dangerous, brave state heroes, and important state decisions depend on them. They do what no one can, and many do not want.

British SAS

According to some analyzes, first place on the list of special units is occupied by British SAS members. For joining this special unit, candidates or future members are required to be experts in handling weapons, explosives and explosive devices, excellent swimmers and divers, parachutists, capable of surviving in nature for a long time, to be trained in first aid and self-help, and speak excellent language of the country they are going to.

Handling different types of weapons, tactical procedures in sabotage actions, the study of means of communication, medical care, training courses, parachute and survival in nature courses are the most important elements of training of future specials. The real picture of what  they are going through the training, says that only 20 percent of candidates complete  special units training of the British SAS, which stands for Special Air Service.


Today, when wars are conducted in many countries, the ability of these units is most conspicuous, and these are the best and most known the special units. Naval commandos of the US Navy known by the name “SEALs” and “Navy SEALs” took the second place. The killing of the most wanted terrorist Osama bin Laden will probably remain the best and most celebrated action of all time. Their slogan is  “No pain, no gain” or translated “no pain, no success”, while others say that passing the selection and training of the “Navy SEALs” is heavier and harder than the climb to Mont Everest.Training is so hard that between 55 and 60 percent of candidates waste during the training, which, in principle, most occur from the Navy and Marines, mostly from their special forces.

The Shayetet 13

The Israeli unit Shayetet 13 is consist of the top 200 commandos and several hundred reservists and acquired the epithet probably the best anti-terrorist forces in the world. In Israel, and even in military circles, it  has become a myth, a secret brotherhood of soldiers that in  Spartan and constant war with terrorism strike out of nowhere and who have made dozens of feats.

US Green Berets

Special units of the US Army (United States Army Special Forces), also known by the nickname the Green Berets, are one of the most elite military units in the world. This special unit was most evident during the Vietnam War. Most frequently they performed rescue operations of American soldiers and pilots from many prison camps deep in the jungle.They travel in the mission in groups of 12 people. Since its establishment until today, their technology and strategy has greatly improved. Today they  carrie out anti-terrorist actions around the world, conduct unconventional warfare, guerrilla training, training the army and police in emergency situations, conduct direct action, rescue people, destroy the enemy’s weapons, buildings, soldiers etc They are trained for extreme alpinism, HALO (High Altitude Low-Opening) jumps out of a plane from a height of about 21000 feet, and open the parachute very close to ground, they are skilled divers, swimmers, great connoisseurs of martial arts and weapons cold. Their secret weapon is the element of surprise, almost imperceptible, their missions are taking place in the dead silence, at the enemy face.

Iran Special units Takavaran

Takavaran is the Iranian special unit that accommodates about 200 people. Commandos are carefully selected and extremely prepared for a variety of tasks, including missions on land, away from the water. In addition to traditional naval operations, such as surveillance, reconnaissance and destruction of marine installations and ships, Takavaran special units  are capable for missions in small teams, diversion or liquidation, as well as the capture of prisoners or release of the hostages .The method of training for this special unit is designed by former members Soviet Spetsnaz units, as well as Germany’s KSK special naval units (also former members). The training lasts for twelve months. Candidates must pass rigorous physical tests, and then training begins. The first eight weeks are reserved for  acquisition of physical strength and fitness, and after that they are trained in  scuba diving, parachuting, schools for weapons and equipment, martial arts school, a school of war and strategy, and at the end, school of  fighting in built-up areas and facilities. After completing all the training, future  commandos is next six months in the unit on “probation”, after which he becomes a real Takavaran commando. Of course, there are also Delta Force, US Army Rangers, MI-6, MARSOC, French Naval Commandos, Spetsnaz and many others.These people are the “machines” for the killings,  created to serve the government and do what they are trained for. Whether is worth at the end what they are going through, only they know or maybe not  because they have been brainwashed  by military life and orders

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