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4 Most Formidable Close Air Support Fighters in the World



Military observer Andrei Kotz outlines why, even many decades after their introduction, the workhorse designs of Russian and American close air support aviation remain essential components of the countries’ air power projection capabilities.

With their comparatively slow cruising speed, strong armor and complement of deadly air-to-ground weaponry, close air support (CAS) aircraft provided crucial tactical support on the battlefields of World War II. With the progression of the Cold War and the advent of the jet engine, it may have seemed that these planes’ days were numbered.

But as RIA Novosti military journalist Andrei Kotz points out, “the experience of the armed conflicts of the second half of the 20th century (and the first wars of the 21st) has actually demonstrated that these simple, slow and unpretentious aircraft are able to perform missions where much more advanced, expensive and modern aircraft have proven useless.”

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