Top 5 modern Naval Destroyers 2016

Top 5 Naval Destroyers is a somewhat difficult comparison because many Navy’s in today’s modern world share similar qualities if not technologies. In fact, very few navy’s operate Destroyers as their size, cost, and compliment (number of crew needed to operate them) are just too large. Some Nations have remedied this by building smaller, similarly armed …

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The United States Marine Corps conducting assault

Top 5 Marine Corps around the world

Probably the most famous Marine Corps in the world is the United States Marine Corps, but that is not the only one. We have compiled a list of world’s top 5 marine Corps which is a debatable one because to successfully rank the world’s best marines, Training, Numbers, Technology, Kit, Capabilities, and funding must be considered over …

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Top 10 SOF Units Around the World

Here is a new top 10 list of most dangerous special forces around the world with a brief description of each. The list is derivated as a result of independent research based on the history, missions, training, equipment and the strength of the homeland (the research dates to 2017). Irish Army Ranger wing

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