AK-400 as a new toy of Russian Special Forces

Russian soldier equipped with AK-400

The AK-400 is a designation for new Russian assault rifle offered exclusively to the Presidential Security Service and the FSB. The new rifle manufactured by Russian company Kalashnikov is developed solely for use in FSB’s Spetsnaz units.

Kalashnikov Concern is the largest arms manufacturer in Russia with exclusive contracts and ties with the Russian government. A new “adaptive” rifle known as the AK-400 can be equipped with a scope of any type, a flashlight or a laser target marker. The AK-400 rifle can also be adjusted depending on the user’s physiological parameters or the selected task.

In terms of operational accuracy, the AK-400 assault rifle surpasses the tried-and-true old-fashioned AK-47 as well as the newest AK-12 assault rifle.

“The AK-400 rifle was first presented at the end of last year, at a meeting organized by the Presidential Security Service. Currently, the service is considering the purchase of the new rifle. There are several versions of the rifle for different gauges, including the old 7.62 mm gauge and the modern 5.45 mm,” an anonymous defense source told the Russian newspaper Izvestia.

According to the same source, the AK-12 rifle which was presented previously as part of the new combat gear Ratnik could not meet all requirements of the elite forces.

“The AK-12 is a weapon for infantry forces, airborne troops and reconnaissance units. But Special Ops forces need a rifle with the same accuracy but it should be lighter and more compact,” the source said.

First of all, the AK-400 assault rifle is designed for the special operations units of the Presidential Security Service and the FSB as we already mentioned and that also includes special units Alfa and Vympel.

A new AK-400 assault rifle

The technical specifications of a new rifle are similar to the AK-12. The AK-400 has a length of 940 mm and a weight of three kilograms. It is also featured with a new firing mode which allows firing three bullets at only one pull-off.

Contrary to the AK-12, the AK-400 rifle is decorated with a telescoping stock and the so-called Picatinny rails, a console that provides a standard mounting platform for various types of sights. According to a source related to the Russian security services, with improved accuracy and usability, the new rifle would successfully replace previous versions of the AK-47.

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