Dashcam video of Berlin Christmas market attack surfaced online

A horrific terrorist attack on Berlin Christmas market on Monday left a dozen people dead and 49 injured. Today, the first video released shows the moments as the lorry truck began rushing toward the crowd.

Moments after the truck is seen rushing through the area, a crowd of people are seen running away from the scene in a desperate bid to save their lives.

On Thursday, German Interior Minister Thomas de Maiziere told journalists that fingerprints belonging to Tunisian suspect, 24-year-old Anis Amri, were found inside the cab of the truck. Amri is designated as a suspect after his residency permit was found inside the vehicle used in the horrific attack.

“We can report today that we have new information that the suspect is with high probability really the perpetrator,” Maiziere stated. “In the cab, in the driving cabin, fingerprints were found and there is additional evidence that supports this.”

The situation reminds to the manhunt after Paris attacks when Salah Abdeslam was identified as a suspect. He fled the scene and successfully evaded pursuit until he was arrested a few months later in Brussels.  A nationwide manhunt is underway for Amri, and a reward of €100,000 ($104,300) has been offered for tips leading to his arrest

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