Iraqi soldiers torture and execute three ISIS militants

A sickening video has emerged of Iraqi forces torturing and executing three ISIS militants.

The harrowing footage, which has deeply concerned the United Nations, reveals uniformed men parading three suspected militants through the streets of Mosul, Iraq.

One soldier holding a stick drags his victim across the ground by his foot as he desperately pleads for mercy while being kicked by another soldier.

Another victim is kicked on the ground by a group of men as gunshots can be heard in the background.

The original video then goes on to show the man being shot at point black range by a soldier who continues to fire and stamp on his head after he is dead.

The two other ISIS militants are also shot in a barrage of automatic fire.

The video emerged shortly before Iraq’s prime minister declared eastern Mosul ‘fully liberated’ from Islamic State.

Iraqi forces drove Islamic State militants from one of their last bastions in the eastern half of the city, while aid groups expressed concern for the estimated 750,000 people still in the militant-held west.

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