Korean robot Method-1 brings movie ‘Avatar’ to life

Method-1 KoreaMethod-1 robot

The Korea Future Technology company based in Seoul has conducted first walking tests for a 4 meter, 1.5-ton robot they have named METHOD-1. The giant machine, which resembles those which appeared in the movie Avatar, is controlled by a pilot who sits inside; it repeats his actions.

The video footage was posted on social media networks on Sunday by Russian 3D modeling designer Vitaly Bulgarov, who is officially involved in the project.

Giant humanoid combat robots (sometimes called ‘mechs’) are a popular weapon in anime and role-playing computer games. However, Bulgarov says his robot can be used real-world problems and it still is not intended to become a war-machine. And even though it has not been decided where the robot is going to work, it seems like Method-1 already has its army of fans.

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