Moscow region to receive first T-72B3 tanks of latest version

The first batch of Russian T-72B3 battle tanks of the latest upgrade will enter service with the First Guards Tank Army divisions deployed in the Moscow Region, Col. Igor Muginov, a spokesman for the Western Military District, said Tuesday.

“The first batch of T-72B3 of the latest upgrade will enter service with the divisions and military units of the tank army deployed in the Moscow Region,” Muginov said.

According to Muginov, the modernized version includes more powerful engine and improved fire control system.

“Thus, the driving position is equipped with an automatic transmission, digital display, and rear view camera. The tank hull was also modernized,” Muginov added.

The T-72B3 is the latest modernized version of the T-72 Soviet battle tank developed in late 1960s. It features a ballistic computer for better accuracy and thermal weapon sights, as well as new-generation communications equipment.

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