Palestinian attacker plays dead before getting up to carry on attack against Israeli police

Three Palestinian gunmen have been shot dead by Israeli security forces after opening fire near Jerusalem’s holiest site. The attackers killed two Israeli police and wounded one more after opening fire near Lion’s Gate, one of the entrances to the walled Old City, on Friday morning.

The men then fled to the holy site known in Judaism as Temple Mount where they were filmed being shot dead by Israeli security forces. One video shows Israeli police surrounding a man who is laid out on the floor before he jumps up and launches a fresh assault.

He is shot several times by the Israelis before dropping to the floor, where he is peppered with bullets. The man filming the video can be heard shouting Allah Akbar – God is greatest – before the footage cuts out.

Two rifles, a hand gun and a knife were found on the bodies of the attackers. Police are probing how the assailants were able to approach the Old City with weapons. Heavy security is in place in the area, particularly on Fridays, and young Palestinian men are frequently stopped and checked by police.

Authorities report that the Palestinians opened fire at the Lions’ Gate to Jerusalem’s Old City, with at least two Israeli law enforcement officials among the three injured. The group then reportedly fled to Al Aqsa Mosque on the Temple Mount, where they were shot dead.

The Al Aqsa Mosque has since been cordoned off and Friday prayers canceled.

The attack at the Temple Mount follows the deaths of two Palestinians at the hands of Israel forces at Jenin refugee camp in the north of the occupied West Bank, Wednesday.

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