Police officer gun down ISIS militants on streets of Saudi Arabia

Police officers and Isis militants fought a dramatic shootout on the streets of Saudi Arabia, in which two extremists strapped with suicide belts were shot dead.

In a tense video filmed from a nearby house, a police officer killed the same extremist who planned the July bombing of a Medina mosque in Saudi Arabia which killed four, according to the Saudi government.

The officer and the fighters exchanged fire at point-blank range in the Yasmeen district of northern Riyadh, and the officer killed Taie bin Salem bin Yaslam al-Saya’ari according to Interior Ministry spokesman Mansour al-Turki.

The footage shows the shootout climax at dawn as security forces gained intelligence of Isis fighters preparing explosives for a raid in a nearby residential building.

The fighters, who were wearing suicide belts of explosives according to the security forces, took one civilian hostage as other civilians were ushered to safety in a nearby mosque.

As the Isis members refuse to surrender having been found by law enforcement officers, the shootout begins, with women audibly commenting in a state of shock and fear. The officers in black can be seen shooting from the left at the terrorists, who approach the side of the police car before being gunned down.

One officer who engaged the terrorists with fire was taken to the hospital and treated for injuries; he was said to be in a stable condition. On 4 July, a series of coordinated bombings across Saudi Arabia killed at least four people, with one of the masterminds behind the attacks, Yaslam al-Saya’ari, said to be one of the suspects killed in this latest shootout.

The only bomb that killed civilians that July day was at a Medina mosque, a focal point for Muslims worldwide as the burial place of the Prophet Muhammad.

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