Russia’s new missile system not to be messed with


Russia is one of a world leaders in the design and production of high-tech weapons, and the new “Pantsir-ME” sea-based missile system is fresh proof of this.

The Pantsir-ME, unveiled to the public on June 28 during a naval show in St. Petersburg, is a shipborne version of the Pantsir-S missile system and could be installed on Russia’s next generation warships.

Reminiscent of a fighting robot from a sci-fi flick, the Pantsir-ME is capable of simultaneously attacking up to four targets flying at a speed of up to 2,240 miles per hour, with a reaction time of three to five seconds.

The naval version of the Pantsir-S can hit targets with missiles at a range of up to 12.4 miles and at an altitude of up to 9.3 miles.

The system has a feature to automatically fire artillery armaments if it turns out that a “target is not hit or not sufficiently hit” after a primary missile attack.

“The Pantsir-ME creates a 20 km (12.4 miles) anti-aircraft dome around the ship it’s installed on. That makes it an effective defense weapon in potential future conflicts,” the CEO of High Precision Systems holding company, Alexander Denisov said.

The system is also able to intercept missiles during rough seas, rain, wind, and even storms. It is also more compact compared to its land-version, and is covered with an anticorrosive sheath to ensure its longevity.


The Pantsir-ME fires missiles with independently targeted warheads, which explode destroying their target with a “cloud” of razor-sharp steel rods.

A pair of six-barreled 30mm cannons with a rate of 5,000 rounds a minute add to the system’s impressive firepower making it a weapon to be reckoned with.

Its three radars – optical, long-range (up to 50 km) and target tracking – “see” oncoming flying targets no matter how small, even parachutes.

Russia’s newest naval anti-aircraft missile system has already received export status and is being offered to foreign customers.

According to Alexander Denisov, which includes KBP, the company has already signed the first contracts to supply this system to the Russian Ministry of Defense.

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