Video purportedly shows SDF soldiers torturing civilians in Syria’s Raqqa

A video which purportedly shows an SDF soldiers while torturing civilians in Raqqa province in northeastern Syria has emerged online.

Obtained by an Anadolu Agency reporter, the footage shows two soldiers while badly beating civilians – tied from arms to legs – in Mansura village in western Raqqa.

One of the soldiers shouts “we know you are not a Daesh member, yet you will tell us where they are,” while he hits one of the civilians under his chair. A local resident, who gave his name as Ahmed al-Abdullah Jaber, speaks in another video about being mistreated by SDF soldiers after their capture his Kerame town in northern Raqqa.

“The soldiers plundered our houses, mistreated us,” he says. “Civilians are being tortured and the situation is terrible,” he added, going on to appeal for help.

These soldiers are allegedly part of PKK/PYD which is part of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) involved in the plan to capture Raqqa and who have been supported by the US.

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