What The F-35 Pilot Sees Through His Helmet Display

Eric Sof

While the F-35 is obviously plagued with issues as we’ve reported before, the Rockwell Collins ESA Vision System that is being implemented is definitely something next level. It seems as though the developers are on the right track in keeping our military one step ahead of the rest of the world, but it still has a LONG way to go before any of this is used to its full potential.

This next-gen fighter has incredible preferences, but its development cost billions. It’s the right time to get in shape and start paying back the money.

YouTube video

The F-35 had many issues in past years, but also in the last few months, it looks like he is on the right way. Last month the engineers tested its weapon system and it proved to be fully working and effective. Hope we will see the F-35 in real action very soon.

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