Watch Syrian police undergo special CT training

Eric Sof

The Syrian Interior Ministry has launched a special training program for the Syrian police force in order that they may carry out new tasks related to the prevention of terrorism.  The Russian news agency Sputnik has published a video of the training.

It can be seen that the police force has received new armored cars equipped with machine guns, light armored vehicles, missile launchers and Kalashnikov assault rifles for personnel. The new weaponry and the special training will improve the police force’s ability to protect civilians and fight terrorist cells, which are sometimes hidden among the local population.

The Syrian police are part of the anti-terrorism forces. Over the past years, it has completed numerous tasks, both related to direct confrontation with militants and with helping the local administration and the army.

It is worth noting that the composition of the police force is actively being replenished by women who are successfully serving in cities and district units.

YouTube video

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