Assault Rifles / Carbines

QBZ 95 1 350x250 - QBZ-95-1: China's Super Assault Rifle

QBZ-95-1: China’s Super Assault Rifle

The QBZ-95-1 is issued with a bayonet and, along with six WY-91 hand grenades, forms the firepower of the average PLA soldier. Each nine-man PLA squad has two fire teams,...

type 88 assault rifle 350x250 - QBZ-95-1: China's Super Assault Rifle

North Korea’s Lethal Type 88 Assault Rifle

The Type 88 rifle is similar to the Soviet-era AK-74 with one key difference: unusual helical magazines that carry up to five times as many rounds as conventional 30-round magazines....

AICW - QBZ-95-1: China's Super Assault Rifle


The AICW (Advanced Infantry Combat Weapon) is a joint development of the Australian DSTO (Government operated Defense Science and Technology Organization), and private companies Metal Storm and Tenix Defense. This...

The world's most popular weapon

Learn what keeps an AK-47 on top of the world

The ultimate tool associated with almost every war in last 60 years is the AK-47, a Russian-made assault rifle. But, have you ever asked yourself why it is the world's favorite...

Gilboa Snake Israeli assault rifle

Gilboa Snake

The Gilboa Snake assault rifle was developed by Israeli company Silver Shadow. Originally conceived by Amos Golan, CEO of the company and designer of the famous Cornershot system. Gilboa Snake rifle...

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