Submachine guns

Various submachine guns modern and old used by Special Forces worldwide

STEYR TMP with Silencer - Steyr TMP (Tactical Machine Pistol)

Steyr TMP (Tactical Machine Pistol)

The Steyr Tactical Machine Pistol or abbreviated Steyr TMP belongs in the emerging group of “Personal Defense Weapons” – short, stockless, and closer to being an enlarged pistol than a...

AKS 74U Spetsnaz - Steyr TMP (Tactical Machine Pistol)


When the Soviets adopted the Kalashnikov 7.62 mm rifle, they abandoned their submachine guns, but in later years realized that they had been a little too hasty and needed a...

steyr aug 9 para - Steyr TMP (Tactical Machine Pistol)

Steyr AUG 9 Para

The Steyr AUG rifle was the first “modular” design: the barrel, receiver, firing mechanism can all be changed to configure the weapon into whatever sort of rifle is wanted. By...

spectre m4 submachine gun - Steyr TMP (Tactical Machine Pistol)

Spectre M4

Spectre M4 submachine gun appeared in 1983 and has a number of unusual features. The designer set out to develop a weapon which could be used in an instinctive and...

Heckler and Koch MP7-A1 submachine gun at shooting range


The natural evolution of machine guns is represented by PDW (Personal Defense Weapon). This progress is part of the natural process that leads to the improvement of a weapon system...

Submachine gun FN P90 5.7

FN P90

The FN P90 submachine gun was developed in the late 1980s as a personal defense weapon for the troops whose primary activities does not include small arms, such as vehicle...

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